Guillermo & Fabiola Rivera Nova

Gold International Diamond

Guillermo & Fabiola Rivera Nova

For over 12 years, my wife and I ran our own business, planning parties and social events. Not unlike many traditional business ventures, we had to work hard and wait a few years to see a return for our investment. As a result, my wife had to be hospitalized due to the stress and work overload. This experience made me reflect on the way we were getting our income and I had to ask myself if it was worth the cost. Was it really worthwhile to live with this kind of pressure while not being able to enjoy life?

I determined the answer was ‘no’ and asked God to give me the chance to find a more balanced and pleasing way to achieve financial freedom. A short time later God sent my brother and mentor Gold International Diamond José Alberto Rivera Nova to share the powerful 4Life business opportunity with me, but I didn’t understand or believe in it.

It took me three years to see the value firsthand as I witnessed how my brothers, José Alberto and Jesús, were starting to live a better life. They both seemed happier, more relaxed, and financially stable. I decided to ask my brother to explain to me once again about 4Life. In April 2007, we decided to become professional and committed 4Life distributors.

Every person has their own story. I don’t know yours, but if you are considering joining 4Life, I encourage you to consider the following:

1. Everything you are and have today is a result of your past decisions.
2. Fight your fears and identify business opportunities based upon worldwide economic trends.
3. Learn to make smart decisions quickly.